3 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating While Travelling

Going travelling can have you eating and drinking more than usual. Here are 3 simple tips to help you stay healthy on your next trip...


1) Order protein + veggies when eating out.

Most restaurants will offer protein (steak, seafood, chicken, eggs, etc) usually with a variety of vegetables and salad. Skip the starch and choose from these options. For breakfast? Order a dish with eggs and veggies and skip the bread. Travelling to an Asian country? Order a meat + veggie stir fry and skip the noodle dishes and rice. Travelling to Europe? Skip pasta or carb heavy dishes for meat and veggies options.

2) Choose either bread, dessert OR booze.

If you’re going to drink alcohol try to go without bread and dessert. And vise versa. Choose one thing to indulge in and stick with it. If this is absolutely not possible then just try to exercise some control. If someone you are with orders dessert, have one single bite just to taste. Try and stick to red wine or vodka-soda when choosing to drink and have only one slice of bread from the basket and then STEP AWAY!

3) Bring snacks with you.

Always carry around non-perishable snacks with you in your bag. Nuts, apples, bliss balls, kale chips. If you’re heading to the US or London make sure to check out Wholefoods. They have a great variety of travel friendly snack options available. A great tip (also for saving money) is to eat 2 big meals each day, brunch and dinner. Fill yourself up with protein and healthy fats during these meals and graze on your healthy snacks, fruit and drink tons of water in between.